Battle of the Beasts

Heroes are born Heroes, Slayers are born Slayers. One possesses elemental powers, the other, arcane. Both are born due to the Gods' intervention. They are both protectors and destroyers of civilization. Which path will you take?
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 Lupin's Quest

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Lupin Ilano
Master Knight of Aranov
Lupin Ilano

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PostSubject: Lupin's Quest   Lupin's Quest I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 4:25 pm

Chapter One

Lupin stepped up the stairway to the castle.
"You must not enter young one."
Lupin chuckled at the thought of his real age.
"I am a Master Knight of Aranov, I have permission to see King Durand.'
"Oh ya well-"
"I outrank you and I'm twice your age, so I suggest you watch what you say."
"Come in, then."
Lupin waited for the doors to fully part before walking in, he saw the great library as he passed through the hallway, home of many a story. He passed by the Royal Barracks, the large training area filled with young soldiers. Finally he arrived at the throne room.

Chapter Two

"Ah, Knight" King Durand addressed him. "I have a job for you, as I presume you have concluded by my message.
"Yes my liege, I am at your command."
The King stood from his throne, reached for his scepter, and stood in front of Lupin. He examined the knight, a farmer inspecting his workhorse, Lupin knew the king respected him, but he saw some envy in the king's eyes.
"I want you, to go find for me, a...... Nuisance that I've been dealing with."
Lupin pondered at the king's choice of words, he knew that something important was about to be divulged to his confidence.
"It's a band of dark men, they need to be dealt with, like a swift hammer to an exposed nail."
Lupin saw no Mercy in the king's eyes, he had no Regret for his choice, only a Truth in his eyes.
"Here is a map to their location."
The King brought forth from his shawl a rolled piece of poor conditioned paper.

Chapter Three

Lupin felt exhausted, he and Venku had flown for an hour before making it to the dim, dark, damp, and dreary cave that led spiraling eternally downwards. The shadows made it a solemn place to be, he saw these shades and thought of his past, with his family, a tear bled from his eye, and he shut it out, he was on a hunt for a deadly group of ruthless killers.
He would've been fine if not for when about two miles underground their was a small tunnel that the map led him into, it was a fine size for a human like him, but Venku had to stay behind. Lupin had been away from Venku before; during the dragon's great dispute several years ago, and when Lupin was trained as a knight when he was younger, but that's not what got at him. It was the darkness, the bleak, self aware darkness that crept up on him and his low light emitting powers, this was one of his only fears, being separated from his proverbial family and trapped away from all life.

Chapter Four

Lupin continued down the cave, remembering a life now past. He remained in this melancholy state for a while before finally reaching his destination, their was a door, on that door was what seemed to be a symbol, Lupin understood this symbol, it read Vode'Werda. He knew what this meant, it was an archaic term for the Brothers of Shadow, a dark circle of druids that ravaged his town when he was young. He felt a burning heat rise in him, anger, vengeance, false emotions coursed through his veins, these feelings were not his. He focused on the objective at hand, deal with these men, the euphemism was tragically easy to darken.

Chapter Five

Lupin stared at the door, it loomed over him, gleaming, glowing, mocking. He knew not how to open it, so he knocked. No response. He looked for a handle, nothing. So he kicked at the door, he hurt his foot.
"Speak when spoken to, give the password"
Lupin snapped back into the world of the sane, he pondered for a long moment.
"Cuy'val Dar"
The words he just spoke meant: those who no longer exist......
The door opened. Lupin stepped in; the man at the door saw him, Lupin had only a second to react, he backed away from the man's First Strike. He countered, swung with his gold bracelet wrist, and knocked the man's jaw out of place. Silence followed. Lupin made his way silently and invisible towards what seemed to be a hallway. Through the hallway he saw a grand auditorium.

Chapter Six

Lupin saw something in the grand hall, it looked to be some kind of religious gathering, there were young men and women surrounding an older looking man, likely in his sixties, giving a sermon. The man held out his arms in a proclaiming way, he looked up to where Lupin was standing, his heart skipped a beat. Lupin realized that it would be foolish if he could see him, being invisible and what not. It was only when the man at the podium pointed up to Lupin and shouted some sort of order, that he knew he was seen. Lupin knew not whether to flee or fight, so he stood up, drew his sword, and stood his ground on the balcony. Several of the acolytes shot bolts of red glimmer at him, he decided to avoid these, and returned light shards of his own accord. He felt a tingle on the back of his neck and turned quickly around, swiped at his attacker's knees, and threw him over the two story balcony. More men were chasing from the hallways, so Lupin jumped down to the ground floor, brought up his sword, and swung at his nearest attacker, consequentially killing him, he knew his target, chased after the man at the podium, and drove his sword home.

Chapter Seven

Lupin lifted the hood from the man, he seemed familiar, anger welled inside him though as the elderly man looked into his soul.
"I'm sorry, Lupin"Were the last words that escaped his mouth before he left the living plains. He took a feather from his coat and gathered the man's blood. Lupin stood up, knowing who the man was. He turned, feeling hollow inside, he walked slowly, taking down all of the acolytes, hostile or not, he made his way to the doorway, and ran. He ran far and fast, emotions closing themselves again.
When he reached Venku, the dragon gave him a look of pity, took him to the castle, and left him to grieve.

Lupin stepped up the stairs, the guard was about to halt him, but Lupin simply pushed him aside with one hand. He got to the throne room and dropped the feather on the King's lap, saw through the mans remorse and lies of him not knowing of their connections, and left. He'd served his duty.
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Fuden Masamoto
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Fuden Masamoto

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PostSubject: Re: Lupin's Quest   Lupin's Quest I_icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 10:52 pm

Mission completed, 2000 pences have been added to your account.

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Lupin's Quest
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