Battle of the Beasts

Heroes are born Heroes, Slayers are born Slayers. One possesses elemental powers, the other, arcane. Both are born due to the Gods' intervention. They are both protectors and destroyers of civilization. Which path will you take?
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PostSubject: Main Storyline   Main Storyline I_icon_minitimeMon May 17, 2010 3:48 pm

In an ancient land unknown to modern civilisation, the fate of the land rested on the shoulders of demigods: Heroes and Slayers. Both are born due to the Gods' intervention during birth, both Heroes and Slayers can protect or destroy civilisation. When a Hero is born, some of power transforms into a gem, this gem contains half of the Hero's power and life source. The Hero will then proceed to "feed" the gem to a willing Beast who will then gain the Hero's power and slightly metamorph. Heroes are granted elemental powers. Slayers, instead of producing gems during birth, a mystic creature is formed instead. Slayers possed a more arcane form of power instead of elemental energy. The Beast associated with the Hero or Slayer is their "soulmate" for life. Since they share what is known to be an "empathy link" the Hero/Slayer shares life energy and is able to contact each other through their minds. As long as both Hero/Slayer and Beast remain alive, they will live forever. If the Hero/Slayer dies, the Beast dies. If the Beast dies, the Hero/Slayer will survive, but their psycological state will be severely weakened; there is a high probability of becoming mad. So Hero/Slayer, will you be the saviour or scourge of civilisation?

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