Battle of the Beasts

Heroes are born Heroes, Slayers are born Slayers. One possesses elemental powers, the other, arcane. Both are born due to the Gods' intervention. They are both protectors and destroyers of civilization. Which path will you take?
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 Jakolent Reinfield

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Jakolent Reinfield
Jakolent Reinfield

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PostSubject: Jakolent Reinfield   Jakolent Reinfield I_icon_minitimeThu May 27, 2010 1:54 am

Character Name: Jakolent Reinfield

Character Type: Slayer

Desired Element: Lightning

Village: Virtue City

Age: 45 (physically 23)


Gender: Male

Appearance: Half man Half eagle and sexy

Character Personality: Jakolent can be a bit of a prick and loves to make crude jokes but when the time calls for it he can act maturely and deal with situations. He hates things he doesn't understand and is very social so he hates being alone. He enjoys parties, Drinking and hanging out with friends. When he is pissed off he usually will react violently and viciously beat his foe until he gets what he wants. Also Jakolent enjoys ice-cream but who doesn't.

Background Information: Was abandoned just outside of Virtue city and raised by eagles. When he fell out of the tree at a young age the Eagles preformed some emergency surgery. Not having the human parts required for the transplants he received eagle parts instead rendering him half eagle half man. Since then he has used his eagley gift to fight crime. Once while fighting crime he stumbled upon an egg which he promptly sat upon. after a couple minutes of submerging the egg within the intense heat it hatched into an awesome vulture named Victor that shoots lightning out of his eyes.

Role Play Sample:
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James Cooper
Master Knight of Aranov
James Cooper

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Character sheet
Money: 13500 pence
Beast Name: Breeze
Village Affiliation: Virtue City

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PostSubject: Re: Jakolent Reinfield   Jakolent Reinfield I_icon_minitimeThu May 27, 2010 3:51 am

Re-accessed and has been:
Jakolent Reinfield Denied-150x150

Unfortunately, the template wasn't being clear. If you are a slayer, you can not have an element, you have to possess the ability to use arcane powers. We are sorry for the mix up. You may either change your character type to Hero or change your "element" into a type of arcane power.

"Nothing in this world is for certain except death, taxes, and gravity."
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Jakolent Reinfield
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