Battle of the Beasts

Heroes are born Heroes, Slayers are born Slayers. One possesses elemental powers, the other, arcane. Both are born due to the Gods' intervention. They are both protectors and destroyers of civilization. Which path will you take?
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 Arneaux Despotier

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Arneaux Despotier
Arneaux Despotier

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Beast Name: Capilet
Village Affiliation: Equilibrium

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PostSubject: Arneaux Despotier   Arneaux Despotier I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 10:45 pm

Character Name:
Arneaux Despotier

Character Type:

Desired Starting Element:

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Character Personality:
Arneaux is a scholarly man, torn between the ideas of life and knowledge. An agnostic fellow, Arneaux prefers to live at times that relaxed, peaceful life. At others, an exciting spur of travel. He despises the traits of stupidity and ignorance. An active man, Arneaux has always been one to talk and explore with friends and face the day.

Background Info:
At a yound age, Arneaux Despotier was thrust into the life of studying hard, and practicing rigorously at the Academies of French and German Fencing. He was an average boy with above-average marks, and a loathing of fencing. His fathers side of the family had always trained in the ways of the sword and so must he. With a healthy amount of persistence from his father, Arneaux grew to enjoy the teachings more. At this point, Arneaux's father decided that it was the right time to show Arneaux why he was so special. He had been born with a crystal in his lap. His father hid it until Arneaux was older to prevent any accidents. Arneaux was told everything from what the gem was to what it could do. Arneaux was given the freedom to choose his partner with no discrimination.
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James Cooper
Master Knight of Aranov
James Cooper

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Beast Name: Breeze
Village Affiliation: Virtue City

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PostSubject: Re: Arneaux Despotier   Arneaux Despotier I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 11:12 pm

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"Nothing in this world is for certain except death, taxes, and gravity."
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Arneaux Despotier
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