Battle of the Beasts

Heroes are born Heroes, Slayers are born Slayers. One possesses elemental powers, the other, arcane. Both are born due to the Gods' intervention. They are both protectors and destroyers of civilization. Which path will you take?
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 Yeorl Oakenleaf

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Yeorl the Red

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PostSubject: Yeorl Oakenleaf   Yeorl Oakenleaf I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 4:32 pm

Character Name:
Yeorl Oakenleaf

Character Type:

Desired Element:





Character Personality:
Charismatic, Warmongering and friendly.

Background Information:
Yeorl was born to be a warrior, raised by the Highland Oakenleaf tribe. He was brought into the world by his mother the town of Stonewalls head druid. From an early age Yeorl exerted a strong connection with the Earth and used this to his advantage and quickly became a renowned warrior amongst the people of Stonewall. He was trained by the cities head battle rager his father Nydus.
When he reached the age of 17 a great bear appeared out of the forrest, one of the legendary Garchodwyy (Guardians) and told him in the days to come Yeorl would require his assistance and he has mounted the Great spirit bear into battle ever since.
Yeorls first real combat experience was with a local cult who worshipped a Demon known as Cthunn the Cthunn cult sought to expel the local Druidic Shamans from their ancestral home in the Oakenleaf grove, so Yeorl was given a magical axe from Gaia the earth mother known as Faith Breaker. His father unfortunately died in the battle so Yeorl vowed after the combat that he would destroy all evil that he came across and protect all he could.

Role Play Sample:
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James Cooper
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James Cooper

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PostSubject: Re: Yeorl Oakenleaf   Yeorl Oakenleaf I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 10:30 pm

Yeorl Oakenleaf Denied-150x150

For the following reasons:
-Character personality must be 5 sentences long (Yes, it's torture).

Once this is corrected, you will be approved.

"Nothing in this world is for certain except death, taxes, and gravity."
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Yeorl Oakenleaf
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